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A Kaos-ly Short Show Synopsis: The Menzingers on 11/13 in Mesa, Arizona

A year ago, I watched The Menzingers play at Crescent Ballroom. I had blast witnessing all the kids crowd surf and getting lost in the music. It was then when I made a promise to myself that one day, I would photograph them live. Luckily for me, I made true on my vow on November 13, at Club Red.  

Culture Abuse

Pennsylvania’s Culture Abuse kicked off the night. I did not catch their full set, but their energy was incredible, even during the last few songs. Check out this catchy tune that has been stuck in my head since the show!

Tigers Jaw

This was my first-time seeing Tigers Jaw, and they were entertaining to watch live. The lead singer was very expressive in his performance, and they all were incredibly in sync as a group. Check out their new music link below!

The Menzingers

I’m a huge fan of The Menzingers and watching them develop into what they are today is nothing short of amazing. Their newly released album, “Hello Exile”, just dropped on Epitaph Records. Since they have new material, I was curious how it would impact their live show overall. Their set this time around still had the same heart from last year, only with an upgraded lighting setup. Being one of my favorite bands, it was incredible listening to them play my favorite songs while shooting their entire set. I am grateful that I was able to live out my music photography dream.