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Sound Sisters Episode 12-Craven Moorehead

The Sound Sisters chat with a Arizona radio legend who has introduced countless punks to killer tunes over the years. He is the man behind the voice of 98 KUPD’s Go Punk Yourself, Craven Moorehead. In this episode they chat about his punk rock journey, how becoming a radio personality was the last thing on his mind, the rise and fall of the Ska Punk Show and his family band The Morhedz. All this and so much more! read more

Surf City Blitz Recap!

Punk rock music and motorcycles came together at a beach for 2 days for Surf City Blitz. The event lived up to its name drawing hordes of locals and travelers from all over. Being an Arizonan, I was looking forward to some nice sea breezes and killer music. Thankfully the weather and lineup throughout the weekend did not disappoint, making it well worth traveling the long distance to Huntington Beach. read more

Sound Sisters Episode 7- Elvis Cortez

On this episode the ladies talk to Elvis Cortez from Left Alone, Transplants, Smelvis Records and Road Dog Merch. They discuss his newest single, heartbreak, bulldogs and flashback to the days where he use to sling Star Wars action figures with press kits. read more

Artist Focus: Jared Aubel

Artist Focus: Jared Aubel 

Interview by Angela RoseRed
Arizona artist Jared Aubel has made waves on both a local and national level. His artistic approach to contemporary pop art has a fine art appeal with a surge of humor and whit. Aubel’s subjects vary from a Gangster Jesus to a Punk Rock Zebra. Whatever clever juxtaposition he produces, it is a true reflection of his colorful soul that leaves viewers with a fun afterthought.

Describe your artistic style in one sentence:

I would described my art as contemporary pop art with a clever whit or lampoon often added. read more