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Sound Sisters 25 – Brenna Red (The Last Gang)

Sound Sisters 24 – Punks 4 Change

The Sisters kick off the episode with a pandemic conscious Round Table Discussion focusing on how they are giving back. Producer power couple Sarah Kelly and Michael Garcia join the conversation to talk about ways their organization, Punks 4 Change, is helping the community while practicing safe social distancing practices. They also dive into the inner workings of their non-profit, and how COVID-19 made them pivot from throwing shows as a main platform for fundraising efforts. Later, Sarah and Michael chat about their dancing birds, makeup obsessed ghostly house guests, spooky happenings with a Darth Vader helmet, who is on their fangirl dream show wish list, and how making societal change through punk rock is more important than ever right now. All this and more on the Sound Sisters podcast. Song by Knocked Down – Warm Winter  read more

Sound Sisters 23 – She’s A Punk

The Sisters kick off this episode by paying respects to the #blacklivesmatter movement. They also discuss the importance of being vocal against the horrific racist events that are taking over America, and how crucial it is to promote unity. Later, they fall in virtual sisterly-love-at-first-sight with host/creator of She’s a Punk podcast, Siobhan Woodrow. She discusses how she overcame sexism in the radio industry, what it was like to interview Alice Bag, and how she found solidarity amongst fellow punk females in her quest to create the now celebrated DIY podcast. Siobhan also opens up on why she empathizes with America’s current societal state, while reflecting on how her own country, Canada, has its fair share of racism. The foursome go on to geek-out over Siobhan’s dream podcast interview list, which rightfully includes Patti Smith and Sisters of Mercy Patricia Morison. There are talks of Indiana Jones, with a side of lady boners for Lars and Matt Freeman. All this and more on the Sound Sisters first ever crossover episode with She’s a Punk Podcast.  read more

Sound Sisters 22-Lori Herbst

On this episode the Sound Sisters provide an update on their personal/professional state throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and ways they are coping during #quarantinelife. During their Round Table Discussion they explore ways to “outdo yourself artistically” by shaking things up in the creatively. Later, textile artist Lori Herbst virtually chats about her process, ways to search for inspiration, how she fell in love with the punk rock community, the stigma surrounding postpartum depression, and the deetz behind rightfully fangirling-out over Tim Curry’s genuine appreciation towards her work. You can also catch loving husbandly commentary from her biggest fan Chris Shary in the background. All this and more on the Sound Sisters podcast! Song: In My Dreams – JERK! read more

Grave Sisters Episode 3

GRAVE SISTERS EPISODE THREE: The creepy and kooky sister of the Sound Sisters’ podcast. On this special Facebook live episode the sisters, Angela RoseRed, Gaby Kaos, Drea Doll and Miss Kitty, discuss the Phoenix Lights that occurred on March 13, 1997. Special thanks to our guests Bart Young and Kip Sudduth for their testimonials, and Sam Richards for sharing his investigative work on this phenomena. read more

Sounds Sisters Episode 21-Linh Le (Bad Cop/Bad Cop)

The Sound Sisters shred into Season 3 with a vengeance alongside their special guest Linh Le, bassist and all around badass of Fat Wreck Chords’ Bad Cop / Bad Cop. The sisters kick off the episode with their roundtable topic “dealing with post tour depression” and finding that work/life/music balance. They bring in Linh to hear her perspective on the subject, as well as discuss what it’s like to have a side project with Tre Cool of Green Day, the deets on BCBC new album The Ride, and her perspective as a songwriter focusing on societal topics such as immigration and people seeking asylum in the U.S. Later, she opens up about the importance of self care and her second creative love; cooking. Angela also dropped a bomb announcing that Linh is in the works of producing her Christmas album (kidding…kinda?) All this and more of the Season 3 premier of the Sound Sisters podcast. read more

Sounds Sisters Episode 20-The Venomous Pinks

The Venomous Pinks is more than a band, it’s a way of life driven by DIY punk rock family values. Angela RoseRed takes control of the mic for this very special Pink episode, as she discusses the evolution of the band with fellow Sound Sisters, Drea Doll (Venomous Pinks’ Guitarist/Vocals) and Gaby Kaos (Venomous Pinks’ Bass/Vocals). Drummer, Cassie Jalilie (Venomous Pinks and Union 13) also provides her perspective since transitioning as their newest band member. The Pinks’ tour manager, Ashley Berkowitz, calls in for the episode’s round table discussion: Tour Do’s and Don’ts. Later, friend/honorary Pink, Soma Snakeoil, joins the conversation to give her insights on the band’s past and present. Plus, director Alexander Thomas chats about his latest collaboration and upcoming Pink projects that will leave you wanting more. No subject is off the turntable: lineup changes, label adjustments, tears, fears, losses, triumphs, perseverance and most importantly punk fucking rock. It’s unscripted, raw, honest, unfiltered and relatable, as the “Sound” of the “Sound Sisters” interviewers get interviewed. This is more than the Venomous Pinks’ musical story, it’s HERstory. read more


GRAVE SISTERS EPISODE TWO: The creepy and kooky sister of the Sound Sisters’ podcast. On this special Halloween episode the sisters, Angela RoseRed, Gaby Kaos, Drea Doll and Miss Kitty, go on their very first ghost hunt together to Tempe’s infamous watering hole and eatery Casey Moore’s Oyster house. Casey Moore’s is nationally known as a ghost hunter’s playground due to its high paranormal activity. Originally a house built by William Moeur in 1910, it has been rumored to once be a boarding house and a brothel before it became what it is known today. Sightings of a mysterious dark haired woman who disappears into thin air, as well as ghostly version of previous owners who dance into the wee hours of the night are some of the many rumored happenings. Week’s prior, the sisters had dinner with Geno Dellammorte and Matrick Swayze of Creepsville 666 in the upstairs dinning room, which is where most of the mysterious activity has taken place year after year. Listen as they discuss their experiences and even interview a current employee who had his own haunted interaction after closing time. Did Drea feel uneasy due to ghosts feeling restless by our presence? What happened when Gaby’s video camera went haywire the same time an orb was recorded on another device? What transpired as Kat grew more curiouser and curiouser while snapping polaroids? Did Angela actually document ghosts on her still photograph shots? Find out all this and more, plus the world premier of Creepsville 666 track, The Dearly Undead. read more

Sound Sisters Episode 19-Chris Shary

Renowned punk artist Chris Shary chats with the ladies about his approach to time management with creative endeavors and what it is like to artistically collaborate with some of the biggest names in music. They also get into finding the balance between being a father/husband/artist/teacher, how Travis Barker approached him to do artwork for Blink-182, his process with putting a creative spin on the infamous Milo sketch, and the true meaning behind Descendents’ anthem “I’m the One”. Before that, the Sound Sisters discuss their experience with artist and writer’s block and ways to get out of a creative rut . All this, plus exclusive spins from Violent Traditions and Shiners Club!
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