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Sound Sisters Episode 17-Aixa & Nicolette Vilar of Go Betty Go

Go Betty Go’s Nicolette and Aixa Vilar open up to the ladies about the trails, triumphs, and tribulations they have faced as sisters and musicians. How did Nicolette quit mid-MxPx-tour and how did that make Aixa feel? What is it like to live with a real ghost? Where do they find creative inspiration to write music? What is Nicolette really drinking in her interview coffee mug?? The answers to these questions, plus a huge exclusive gig reveal, and much more on this sisterly love episode of the Sound Sisters podcast. read more

Stevie D of US Bombs & Glass Heroes Diagnosed With Cancer

Stevie D is a punk rock staple in our phoenix community. His influence on music and the lives he has touched are indescribable. I feel lucky to have seen Stevie D play hundreds of times on stage. Stevie’s wisdom and guidance is something I will always treasure. We need to come together as a community and help one of our own. Now is the time.

Stevie has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer.

Per the gofundme page set up by Slope Records:

“What you can do to help is donate here. Steve has effectively retired from working as his care is now a full-time job. There is treatment available that can help prolong Steve’s life, but it is expensive. If you know Steve at all, you know he has led a, how shall we say, spartan lifestyle for many, many years and while he does not need a lot to keep the lights on and food in his belly (and good food at that…Steve has learned that a plant-based diet and lots of juicing will help increase his time here with the rest of us), but the treatments are expensive. The first chemotherapy treatment, for example, is almost $5400 and that doesn’t include the fees for the doctor and anesthesiologist.”

To donate any funds please visit the donation page here: 

https://www.gofundme.com/k3sxu7-help-stevie-d read more