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Sound Sisters 28 – CHASER (Sound Speed Records)

The Sisters kickstart the episode chatting about a ways they are adapting creatively in our current societal state. They share all the giggles because it was their first in-studio-socially-distancing-recording -session at the Sound Sister Studio since the COVID outbreak. Disclaimer: The Sound Sisters supports safe social distancing practices. They  each followed major precautions before, after, and during recording. Don’t forget kids, “Wash your damn hands and wear a fucking mask!” Later, they virtually dial in SoCal skate punk band Chaser. They discuss what it takes to stay consistently musically motivated through connecting with their fans. Other topics covered: How recording went down for Chaser’s killer new album, “Look Alive” on Sound Speed Records, what is so inspiring about 90s punk, tour do’s and don’ts, ways they continue to write new music during the pandemic, what it’s like to share the stage with bands that inspired them to play, and most importantly Carol Fucking Baskin. All this, plus they spin new Chaser tracks, on this episode of the Sound Sisters Podcast. read more

Sound Sisters Episode 14-Jennie Cotterill (Bad Cop/Bad Cop)

This episode’s guest is a musician, artists, baker and overall badass with a heart filled with unicorn hugs. Who else could we be describing, but no other than Jennie Cotterill guitarist and vocalist of Bad Cop/Bad Cop. She opens up to the Sound Sisters about life on the road, what keeps her motivated, the balance between being an artist and a musician, all while reminiscing the good times that went down on the Girl Gang Tour. read more

Sound Sisters Episode 13-Small Business Saturday

There is nothing more antiestablishment than finding ways to stick it to the man. Avoiding Black Friday sales and saying no to big name consumerism is not only punk rock, but it also directly supports your local community. During this episode the Sound Sisters sit with independent Arizona business owners Colleen Dolly Sinclair of Siphon Draw Apothecary and Kat Gargalione of The Superstitious Jackalope. In this round table discussion they talk about roller derby, ghosts, what it’s like to be boss babes and ways to shop local on Small Business Saturday.

Siphon Draw Apothecary 




Superstitious Jackalope read more

Sound Sisters Episode 7- Elvis Cortez

On this episode the ladies talk to Elvis Cortez from Left Alone, Transplants, Smelvis Records and Road Dog Merch. They discuss his newest single, heartbreak, bulldogs and flashback to the days where he use to sling Star Wars action figures with press kits.

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Left Alone

Smelvis Records read more